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Here are what some of our customers have to say about our amazing products:

The tap water in my neighborhood is very hard and if I don’t clean every other day, it leaves a nasty residue and stains on my sinks and tubs. I was extremely surprised by how well this 13-stage filter works! I’ve done comparisons back and forth between the unfiltered water and the water from the filter. You can tell by not only the taste, but also by how smooth and clean it is. The filter was really easy to install and well worth the price!

- Kyle S. Upland, CA

After trying two cheap water filters and experiencing zero results, I did my research and purchased a BluPure 13-Stage water filter from Amazon. I am amazed by how well this thing works!! I could instantly notice the difference and I am now comfortable using the filtered water for my son’s formula! I am so happy that I no longer have to buy gallons of water at the store every week and I’ve already saved a lot of money!

-Jane F. Portland, Oregon

I recently moved and had to leave my built-in water filtration system behind. I came across the BluPure 13-stage water filter and decided to test it out. It provides water just as well as my previous system did, but the water flow is actually much better. It would take over a minute to fill a pitcher and now it only takes about 20 seconds. The hookup was very quick and simple…this product exceeded my expectations and I also love that it’s made in the USA!!

- Amanda L.. Newport Beach, CA

I wish I had this water filter years ago because it just doesn’t compare to the other brands and is by far the best filtration system I’ve ever bought. I was at my friends house and used her new BluPure 13-stage filter and really noticed how much better it tasted than my Brita filter. I’ll never go back to another brand, BluPure is by far the best!

-Aaron P. Surprise, AZ

I’ve been researching different water filtration methods and finally decided to buy the BluPure 13-Stage filter from Amazon. It is really the most effective, convenient, and affordable method of filtering your water. I’ve done numerous pH tests and it does raise my water’s pH level to where it should be. It also doesn’t strip the water of it’s minerals like reverse osmosis and water distillers. I highly recommend this product over any other option.

- Edith M. Carson City, NV

While my tap water doesn’t taste bad or anything, I am still aware of the dangers of drinking unfiltered water. Chlorine, lead, pesticides and many other chemicals could be in your water and you’d never even know! I purchased this filter on Amazon and could tell immediately that it tasted better than before. I am very happy with this purchase and I no longer worry about what chemicals and bacteria I may be putting in my body.

-Samantha G. San Jose, CA

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