13-Stage Water Filter

For crisp, refreshing water whenever you need it, there is no better choice than the Eco-friendly 13-stage Water Filter by BluPure. Each stage serves a very distinct purpose, all contributing to the end goal of providing you with pure, invigorating, simply delicious water.

While you may think that ordinary tap water or your expensive bottled water is healthy for you, it turns out that it is actually loaded with harmful and disgusting substances. From arsenic to lead to pesticides and asbestos, you never know what your water actually contains. Our filter is made in U.S.A., BPA free and NSF certified to ensure high quality.

That’s where the Eco-friendly 13-stage Water Filter comes in.

When your tap water enters the filter, it will be taken through a vigorous 13-stage process that has been meticulously developed by a renowned microbiologist. From the zeolite that removes strong odors to the catalytic carbon that reduces cleansing agents to the 0.5 micro carbon block that removes chlorine and lead, no unwanted particle will be able to escape the natural filter materials found in the Eco-friendly 13-stage Water Filter by BluPure.

The water that leaves this cutting-edge filter will be the best tasting water you have had in your life.

You can easily attach the Eco-friendly 13-stage Water Filter to your faucet and enjoy the crisp taste for up to a year (approximately 1,500 gallons). And when it’s time for a new one, the entire unit is biodegradable.

When you make the change from bottled water to the Eco-friendly 13-stage Water Filter by BluPure, your life with be transformed. You will save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and feel more revitalized.

Your only regret will be not switching sooner.
Because you never knew water could taste this good.

So what exactly does the 13-stage filtration process consist of?
More than you could imagine…